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Attention: Students & Stay at Home Parents or

anyone with flexible hours:

Looking for Extra Income?

McDonald's® can help Supplement your income with Flexible Work Hours.

Even if you only have just a few hours a day, we are looking for individuals to join our AWESOME team.

Can you work:

7am to 10am?

11am to 2pm?

5pm to 8pm?

or special hours not above?

Earn additional money in between other commitments.

Work and Learn from the best.

Show others your talents and abilities.

Henry Garcia of Los Angeles, California, became McDonald's first Hispanic owner/operator in 1971.

McDonald's Lebanon 2

This restaurant is owned and operated by an independent franchisee.

Store Photo 2541 Granite Lane
Lebanon MO 65536

Phone: 417-532-3653
Manager: Melissa Genetti
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