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Top Ten Reasons

It's Great to Work at McDonald's


10. Success smells as sweet as a vanilla shake.

New employment opportunities are available to many- from teens, to recent immigrants, to retirees, to moms re-entering the workforce.

9. You find out real quick the color of money is a rockin'shade of gold and red.

McDonald's is the world's leading food service retailer, with 30,000 restaurants serving 50 million customers every day!

8. You're almost famous!

McDonald's was the first job for hundreds of pro athletes, political wonks and celebs.  So start working on that guitar jam - you could be next.

7. C'mon.  Who doesn't want to hang with Ronald?

Ronald McDonald's House Charities continues to donate millions of dollars to assist families and children worldwide.  McDonald's cares about the community.

6. You've been in front of the counter enough since you were ten years old; you might as well get behind the counter and get PAID!

Some of McDonald's very best employees are those who have fond memories of trading Happy Meal toys with their brothers and sisters.

5. One day, you could be the one calling the shots.

Many of McDonald's crewmembers move up to become managers, supervisors, regional staff, corporate employees and even owners.  The opportunities for advancement are endless.  Do you have what it takes?

4. Who's your momma?

Chances are good, if she worked at McDonald's, she's happy!  Working Mother magazine named the company one of the "100 Best" for working mothers.  It's all about flexibility.

3. Cultural diversity matters...and we know it.

Fortune named McDonald's as "Best Place to Word for Minorities."  Latina Style magazine honored McDonald's for the opportunities it provides Hispanic women.

2. You're sure to get your props.

Each year, McDonald's honors its top managers and crew through a number of different rewards and recognition programs.  We also share the love through above-average compensation and benefits.

1. And the Number One reason it's great to work    at McDonald's... 

The Golden Arches are a great place to Put Your Best Foot Forward.

When you work at McDonald's, you'll be encouraged to grow, learn and develop the skills you'll use to move up fast - within the McDonald's corporation, with an independent McDonald's owner, or with almost any company in the world.  They're also skills you'll use for success in life.

McDonald's will only buy eggs from suppliers that comply with McDonald's stringent standards on quality.

Riverside McDonald's

This restaurant is owned and operated by an independent franchisee.

Store Photo 1310 S Riverside
St. Joseph MO 64507

Phone: 816/232-1407
Manager: Stephanie Ishmael
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